The Atlanta Community Engagement Playbook is designed for those with a shared interest in building successful engagement processes and reaching higher levels of community engagement. Higher levels of engagement mean that residents own and take leadership over civic change, rather than just observing or even providing feedback. Strong engagement is built on dialogue with a natural push and pull. This playbook has been designed to mirror that constructive process. It is meant to help service providers and community associations lead successful and collaborative engagements.

Developed over an 18-month community led research and design process, the Playbook was build with input from residents, community associations, City department staff, and service providers. Together, we identified a set of guiding principles and concrete plays that will facilitate genuine and inclusive engagement for all stakeholders of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Community Engagement Playbook was created through a collaborative partnership with residents of Ashview Heights, Atlanta University Center Castleberry Hill, Booker T. Washington, English Avenue, Vine City; and City of Atlanta, Westside Future Fund, Atlanta Housing Authority: University Homes, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. The project was made possible with support from the Living Cities: City Accelerator program.

For questions about this playbook, or to get additional paper copies, please contact the Office of Zoning & Development: 404-330-6145