These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the playbook.

What is the community engagement playbook?

  • It is s set of actionable practices specifically designed to achieve greater levels of quality community engagement.
  • The playbook is the outcome of an 18-month research and co-design process in which the City of Atlanta, partner agencies, and residents from five Atlanta Westside neighborhoods conducted interviews, co-hosted workshops, and shared feedback.
  • It is more like a collection of key ingredients than a recipe. Different plays will be needed depending on the specifics of the project, the stakeholders involved, available time and resources, and the needs of the community.

What do you mean by playbook?

Two sets of principles, plays, checklists and action guides are included. One set is for service providers (including public agencies), and one is for community associations. We believe that by putting these strategies or plays into action, you will achieve the win-win situation of engaging the community in more authentic ways.

What terms do I need to know for easy reading and understanding of the playbook?

  • Principles: Concepts that are designed to guide how plays should be implemented and were developed with Westside residents, municipal representatives, and other service providers.
  • Plays: Action steps for community organizations and service providers that are meant to direct engagement work. The plays are arranged in essential areas of activity (for example: “Get Organized”).
  • Checklists: Examples after each play to make them easy to implement.
  • Action Guides: Tips and in some cases worksheets to provide more thorough details on a specific task or topic within a play.
  • Visual Icons: Color coded designs in the book correspond to the principles and are displayed next to the plays that feature them.